2003 -

Wetteri Oy imports 16 different car brands and has car dealers in nine towns in Northern Finland. UKI Arkkitehdit has designed premises for the Kajaani, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kokkola, Vaasa, Ylivieska and Kemi car dealers in the 2000s. The metallic facades of the buildings and neutral interior colours provide an excellent background for esteemed car brands.

Architectural firm UKI Arkkitehdit Oy designed the Wetteri car dealer building in Kajaani in 2003-2004. The building consists of car sales, maintenance and repair premises as well as a heavy vehicle repair shop. The façades of the building are covered with dark and light silver steel sheet. Wetter brand blue has been used as highlight colour.

The Wetteri car dealer building in Oulu has been renovated and expanded in several stages in 2004-2016. The building, located in Limingantulli, is partly two-storeyed like other Wetteri buildings. The second storey houses the administration, personnel and locker room spaces. The popular café-restaurant attracts lunch customers also from outside the building.

Wetteri car dealers sell new cars and used cars. The building designed in Kemi in 2007 also has a car maintenance and repair shop. The façades of the building are dark grey and silver, highlighted with bright blue. The Kemi outlet has been expanded and renovated in 2016.

The expansion of the Wetteri car dealer building in Rovaniemi was designed in 2008. Cars are sold and serviced in the premises of the flat-roofed building. The façade colours of the building are white and blue. The spacious interior contains car sales offices as well as reception points for maintenance and spare part sales.