8 years in development, thousands of user experiences

New Järvenpää social and health care centre, 2016

TAYS, Renovation program 2020

Shopping Centre Valkea, Oulu 2016

Y-talo, Seinäki Central Hospital extension, 2012

Parish camping centre, Rokua 2014

The user-driven VALO™ design method helped discover that all buildings in the original design were not necessary for the activities already in the design phase. When it was decided not to build one of the buildings at all, 20 % of the building costs was saved. This also decreased the life-cycle operating costs of the building by 30 %.

Frami F building, Seinäjoki Polytechnic extension, 2012

The different parties of the project could experience the space solutions and test the connections between the premises already in the draft phase in virtual models. The design was adjusted according to the collected feedback.

Virtual models of selected spaces fitted with fixed and movable furniture were created with alternative furniture and interior design solutions in the implementation planning phase. This ensured that the teaching and working spaces meet the user-defined goals in all their properties.

See project presentation.