Responsible business practices have always been a core value at UKI Architects. This means that the company considers the social, economic, and environmental impacts of its operations.

Environmental Sustainability

We integrate environmental sustainability as an essential part of our design process by continuously monitoring legislative developments and incorporating up-to-date regulations into our planning. As material options evolve, we adopt carbon-neutral and positive carbon footprint design solutions. Many of our projects are environmentally certified, and we prefer using wood as a building material. We also specialize in building lifecycle calculations.

UKI Architects has been awarded the EcoCompass certificate, signifying our commitment to environmental stewardship. We are also a founding member of the Green Building Council Finland.

Social and Cultural Sustainability

As a company, we strive to enhance well-being and quality of life, promoting equality and diversity both at the societal and individual levels. In our design process, engaging different user groups ensures optimal and functional spaces for everyone that withstand the test of time and changing purposes. We are pioneers in interactive design methods, utilizing the user-centered VALO® design method. Our design work also considers service accessibility, space adaptability, and flexibility.

We are dedicated to preserving socially valuable built environments and supporting local cultural activities and entities in all our locations.

Our work community is inclusive, welcoming everyone at UKI.

UKI Arkkititehtien uudet ja vanhat osakkaat yhteiskuvassa

Good Governance

Good governance benefits partners, employees, shareholders, and society. Our operational system ensures consistent processes, risk management, and clear procedural guidelines for internal project management. We maintain a high level of information security and continuously train our staff, while developing executive and board practices. We build our business for long-term profitability and sustainability.