Karoliina Hiisiö

Architect, Oulu

I started at UKI at the beginning of 2023, just before graduating from the University of Oulu. The atmosphere at the office was warm and friendly already in my first week there. I was encouraged at UKI to find my passions and strengths in architecture and supported in achieving them.

My interest is highly focused on organic and flowing design that adapts itself to and supports the user’s state of mind. I also love challenges and like to approach premise design from the angle of process efficiency. So basically my interests lie somewhere between natural intuitive premise design and the rock-solid optimisation of process efficiency.

In my free time I’m typically seen on the couch next to my spouse, at the gym or on horseback. My love of horses and riding stems from my childhood and I was able to include them also in my master’s thesis.

Contact information
tel. +358 50 434 0100