Meri-Tuuli Hietala

Architect, Oulu

I started working at UKI Arkkitehdit in 2017 while I was still studying. I’ve felt so comfortable at UKI that I stayed in the company when I took my degree in architecture in spring 2021.

Up to now, I’ve accumulated experience mainly with learning and cultural environments as well as business and office premise design. As a designer, I’m a practical and dialogical, meticulous and systematic performer. The most natural way for me to approach a design job is functionality. I feel it’s important that my work serves the requirements of the customer and user in the best possible way, and that the result is deliberate and in balance with its environment. The most rewarding part of my work is the daily discovery of solutions, continuous learning of new things and jointly achieved goals and successes. Joyful encounters with people bring wonderful colour to my workdays.

Outside my dream job, I dance and go to the gym, sing and play music, and exercise outdoors and make handicrafts.

Contact information
tel. +358 50 342 2703