Mikko Pohjaranta

Leading Architect SAFA, Jyväskylä

In my case, interest in building started already when a was a little boy. When other boys were tuning their mopeds, I followed my father to construction sites and passed my free time tinkering in the workshop. The family trait developed into a profession that brings new challenges every day, and great colleagues are there to support me, of course.

The thing that has fascinated me especially in architecture has always been giving shape to things and adapting functions and practical structures seamlessly to them. At the office, a trail of sketches flowing on the floor leads the way to my workstation – not forgetting more modern work methods, however.

I spend my free time in nature running, cycling and skiing, and I follow my daughter to her hobbies and volunteer activities. Whenever I have the time, I change to leisurewear, i.e. overalls, and head to our family’s infinity project, called Tinkerland.

Contact information
tel. +358 44 541 1743