Piia Kaasalainen

Construction Architect, Oulu

I graduated as construction architect from the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in spring 2020. In October that year I started working at UKI Arkkitehdit. I was charmed by the UKI Arkkitehdit firm already in my student years when we visited architectural firms in the Oulu region. The office environment is highly inspiring and warm.

My character is open and receptive. I’m inspired by new challenges and I want to develop continuously in everything I embark on. As an employee, I’m a diligent worker. In architecture, I like clear lines; simple is beautiful. I pursue logical thinking and practicality in my work.

I spend my free time with my family, my horse and dogs. My values include respect for the nature, and I love roaming in the nature as a counterbalance to the hectic daily life. Apart from my own animals, my hobbies include hunting and hiking in summer.

Contact information
tel. +358 50 597 9726