Narew Power Plant

Ostroleka Poland 2012

Ostroleka factory expansion

The industrial area in Ostroleka, Poland is located in the immediate vicinity of the centre. The new buildings are located between the old factory buildings.

The main colour in the new buildings (power plant, paper machine, its storehouse, etc.) is metallic grey, which has been used both in a light and dark tone. Tomato red has been used as the highlight colour of these buildings, mainly in vertical parts (staircases) and in the office building. Low buildings and building sections have natural-coloured concrete surfaces or plastered block walls.

The buildings in the industrial area mostly have strong horizontal motifs, such as horizontal window lines, conveyors and tubular steel bridges. The power plant with its chimney brings a vertical motif in the factory scene.

The new high-quality paper machine uses a lot of recycled paper as raw material.