Siikaluoto in Pietarsaari

Architectural competition winner Title: Rubikon 2015

Siikaluoto in Pietarsaari – Rubikon

The district plan by UKI Arkkitehdit was awarded first prize in the public ideas competition for new solutions to the development of the Siikaluoto industrial area in the centre of Pietarsaari. The competition area comprises a ca. 25-hectare area, and the central part consists of the Siikaluoto engineering workshop and foundry area. The railway yard separates the industrial blocks from the historical town centre, which is a nationally important cultural milieu. The area in its entirety is part of the future core of the developing town.


The competition assignment was to consider the scale of the preserved buildings and new construction in relation to the surrounding areas. The purpose was also to develop new ideas for developing the former industrial area to the needs of town planning. The competition proposals were expected to present an innovative touch in developing the urban structure and new ideas for ecological and social, and residential, energy and traffic solutions. The purpose was to find far-reaching solutions for creating an attractive town district based on town development strategies.

In the proposal of UKI Arkkitehdit, primary themes for the area include accessibility, traversability, functional diversity, brightening the image and humanising the scale. For example, 40,000 m² of floor area for apartment construction, various services and activity rooms as well as a new football stadium were designated to the area. The reuse of old industrial estates emphasises interaction between different activities and people, and synergies between these activities. The design work has continued after the competition stage to prepare for town planning and implementation.

”The proposal on the whole matches the competition assignment excellently. The plan has a very clear and consistent urban structure and its overall merit is the best functionality in the competition. The identity of the new district is based on existing history, but it also constitutes a completely new and dynamic part of the expanding town centre. The strong overall character of the proposal makes it flexible and enables effortless further development without losing its meritorious basic idea. On the whole, the work is skilfully made and gives a good framework for expanding the centre of Pietarsaari.”

Excerpt from jury minutes