TAYS F building

Tampere 2020 9 154.00 brm² PSHP Tietomallihanke

The F building is part of the Pirkanmaa hospital district renovation program. The new building is located on the Teiskontie side of the PSHP lot, on a site bordered by the H and R buildings and Sädetie, on the site of the M building that will be demolished.

The building has four floors aboveground, a basement and engineering tunnel. The 1st floor has nuclear medicine premises, the 2nd floor has a haematology inpatient ward, and the 3rd floor has a haematology outpatient clinic and day hospital.

The basement floor is mostly maintenance and technical premises and staff locker rooms. The building has been designed to be expandable upwards with two floors and upper floors can also be connected to surrounding buildings with suspended corridors.