Shared 1st prize on Façade Renovation 2017-competition

UKI congratulates Helsinki-based As Oy Satakallio for shared 1st price on Finnish Façade Association’s Façade Renovation 2017-competition! Arkkitehtitoimisto Arknova, a member of UKI group, was responsible for the principal and architectural design of the project.

According to the jury, the building known as “the white pearl of the ribbon window architecture” was meritoriously restored to its splendor of the 1960’s by respecting the original materials and colours, while the exterior of the building was brought to today’s standards in terms of thermal insulation. The size of the housing cooperative and other special features of the building were exceptional, e.g. the housing cooperative contained 4 different buildings with over 100 meters long ribbon window façades that require exceptionally good dimensional accuracy – a total of 756 apartments. Years of construction 1961-1963, architect: Toivo Korhonen.

More competition entries on Finnish Façade Associations website.

Arknova Oy – member of UKI group