Architectural competitions and success

During the past few years UKI Architects have participated in several architectural competitions, especially in those related to regional and housing design. Success in those has been excellent, but let’s get back to that later. First, we’ll need to ask why participating in competitions is important to the office overall.

The question is answered by architect Sasu Alasentie. According to him UKI Architects are interested especially in competitions where new functional innovations and fresh ideas are sought.

” I think we have even a social duty to present solutions to housing problems and challenges”, Alasentie says.

By participating in competitions, one can also engage in the planning of an area straight from the beginning.

” Of course this is also one way to improve our competence”, he adds.

In addition to Finnish invitational and open competitions arranged according to the rules of The Finnish Association of Architects SAFA, UKI Architects have also participated in site conveyance-related competitions in cooperation with construction companies.

Sasu Alasentie reckons that the competition success of UKI Architects is a result of excellent plans and thorough preparation.

“We do the groundwork properly. It is essential to understand the objectives of the competition and act according to them”, he says.

Many of the competition wins of UKI Architects are related to infill construction of old and often valuable areas when it comes to cultural history. According to Alasentie, these kinds of areas are perhaps the most interesting and challenging for designers.

Most significant architectural competition success of UKI Architects during previous years:

  • Jyväskylä: Piippuranta area, open architectural competition
    – shared 2. prize (1. prize was not awarded)
  • Pietarsaari: Siikaluoto area, open idea competition 
    – 1. prize
  • Seinäjoki: Törnävä area, open idea competition
    – shared 2. prize (1. prize was not awarded)
  • Tampere: Käräjätörmä multi-generational community, invitational architectural competition
    – shared 1. prize
  • Inkoo: Inkoonranta area, invitational architectural competition
    – shared 1. prize