Johanna Vartiainen

Architect // Construction architect, Oulu

I come from Kuopio and I’m an architecture student on the home stretch of my studies. I first took a summer job at UKI Arkkitehdit in 2018 and enjoyed myself so much here that I spent the next summer also here and in autumn 2020 I started as a part-time employee while still studying. My earlier education is from infrastructural construction engineering, but long-time dreams of an architectural profession finally swept me away and I ended up studying the trade. I’ve been satisfied with my decision, and I believe that engineering studies have been a great benefit to me also in the architectural field.

At UKI, I mainly work in hospital projects. Perhaps it’s due to my engineering background that I find hospital design especially interesting, because it incorporates technology and architecture, not forgetting functionality. Design work in challenging hospital projects has been rewarding and educational in a team of top-class professionals.

My passionate hobby is weightlifting and in my free time you’ll probably find me at the gym. I love animals a lot and I have a dream that I could someday do charity work to help rescue dogs.

Contact information
tel. +358 50 535 3795