Tamara Louis

Graduate engineer in construction technology // Environmental coordinator, Oulu

I came to UKI as a trainee in November 2013. At that time, I spoke quite little Finnish, but amazing colleagues have helped me learn both everyday language and shop talk, and I have developed in my work. I appreciate our work community in many ways, especially our urge to develop our operation. Our firm often participated in big investment projects, but our internal atmosphere has nevertheless remained very friendly and even familial. 

My actual degree is in engineering, but I’m gradually studying architecture and over the years I have made designs from drafts to the implementation phase in projects of varying sizes. In my work, I try to find the best solutions that satisfy the customer, consider the environment and fulfil official requirements at the same time. My goal is to create premises and buildings where people can feel good. 

I have led the sustainable development team in our company since 2022. Leading the development team was an excellent proposition and I seized it right away, because environmental issues have always been close to my heart. My own relocation to Finland was triggered by the ”Ecological problems in the Barents region” seminar. Now it feels that the circle has closed, and I can finally influence environmental issues in my work. 

Long-distance running in fell and mountain surroundings is my hobby. I spend my free time with my daughter and among my friends with good food and music, networking or in nature. 

Contact information
tel. +358 46 923 0372