Tiina Toratti

Architect, Helsinki

I like big projects, which require persistence, and teamwork. I have accumulated experience designing hospitals, shopping centres, a railway station and various public spaces and office premises. Customers have commended me especially for my work with users.

I started at UKI’s Helsinki office in August 2020. At UKI, I’m attracted by the family business spirit and multidisciplinary design projects. I worked previously at the Oulu office in 2008 – 2011. As an architectural student and newly graduated architect, I learned at UKI what it’s like to receive support and tutoring from colleagues and how to work in a team. I’m grateful and I want to promote learning, cooperation and friendly interaction. I’m eager and open to learn new things, work methods and tools.

I often go to ashtanga yoga before coming to work and that’s why you encounter me in good spirits. My elements are fire and water, and so I love swimming, warmth and sunny days. I’m sociable and curious, but I also need to counterbalance that with solitude and room to foster creativity. Listening and empathy are my superpowers.

Apart from yoga, my hobbies include photography, travelling, learning languages and urban agriculture. I never grow tired of jogging in urban and cliff sceneries.

Contact information
tel. +358 50 463 8991