Ulla Passoja

Area manager, UKI North // Deputy managing director // Architect, Industrial Management M. Sc. // Partner, Oulu, Rovaniemi

I have worked at UKI Arkkitehdit from 2012 and I have had the opportunity to participate in many interesting projects from concept design to renovation projects. My assets as a designer include open-minded searching for solutions and mastering the big picture. My starting point in design is to create buildings that meet the user requirements and achieve balance with their environment. I’m inspired by cooperation between people, sustainable solutions and visual things. I can easily endorse the values of UKI Arkkitehdit: cooperation, user-centeredness, sustainable development and responsibility.

Apart from my design work, I serve as the deputy managing director of the company, and I’m responsible for staff and design method development. My degree in industrial engineering and management as well as my previous experience in a growing technology company provide a good basis for this work. I want to contribute to ensuring that UKI Arkkitehdit is a secure and high-quality choice to our customers also in the future, and that the atmosphere in our work remains inspiring.

My family consists of my husband, three school-aged children and a dog. Although I’m a passionate worker, I want to reserve restful time also to my family, friends as well as to my nature activities and dreaming.

Contact information
tel. +358 44 201 1564