Fenderi block

Oulu 2020 7 803.80 brm² Temotek Oy Kuivaketju 10


Housing cooperatives Oulun Mallaskeisari ja Oulun Fenderi are apartment buildings in the Toppila area in Oulu, constructed by Temotek Oy. The block has three apartment buildings, each with four floors. The buildings are located on a corner lot along the bordering streets.

The buildings have purely rectangular architecture, and they delineate the streets of the corner lot as a contiguous facade. The exterior of the apartment houses is a combination of light brick and even glass surface. Warm brown tones and glazed balconies are emphasised in the facades on the courtyard side. The oasis-like courtyard is bordered by apartment buildings on the Koskelantie and Satamatie streets, and carports and bicycle shelter on the Mallastie street.

The housing cooperative has a total of 204 apartments, 136 of them in housing cooperative Oulun Mallaskeisari and 68 in housing cooperative Oulun Fenderi. The apartments are efficient small flats, extended by spacious glazed balconies that delimit the outdoor space. The basement spaces of the buildings have common storage rooms and access to the underground parking garage of the block.