Social and Health Centre, Järvenpää

Järvenpää 2016 14 500.00 brm² Kiinteistö Oy Järvenpään Terveystalo Tietomallihanke

The VIRMA model of virtual design and construction has been used in designing the premises, and a hundred design events have been arranged with the future users of the building. The users have been able to get “inside” the designed building in a realistic 3D simulation with the user-driven VALO™ design method, developed by UKI Arkkitehdit. In a life-size model, the future users of the building have evaluated and developed the space solutions from the viewpoint of their profession and workflow.

Service area manager Tiina Salminen, who was member of the project management team, summarises the benefits of using the VALO method: ”This way we have been able to design and visualise solutions with the future truly in view. This design method concretises things related to the activities taking place inside the building so well that the design method also works as a means of change management.”


The VALO method can save money from the building design phase till the end of the life cycle, because correct decisions made in the design phase enhance operation and considerably decrease potential modifications needed in the completed building. ”We are undoubtedly constructing the most efficient and functional building in the country”, says manager of Järvenpää real estate services Jyrki Meronen, who was member of the project management team.

A welfare campus area will also be designed around the social and health care centre. It combines accessible living and welfare services. The block will also include high-quality leased and privately owned apartments for seniors, care unit, round-the-clock kindergarten and family centre. The goal is to create a service concept together with private service providers to meet the welfare requirements of the inhabitants.

“With the VALO method used in the design process, the design contribution of different participants has been merged into an impressive unity. Also because it has been possible to test different alternatives all the way to the end, we surely have the best possible result.”

Erkki Kukkonen, mayor, Järvenpää

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