Käräjätörmä, Tampere

Tampere 2016 Achitectural competition winner (shared) Title: Punos


Käräjätörmä will become a communal town district, where it is pleasant and safe to live, regardless of wealth, ethnic origin or diagnoses. Apart from residences, the area is designed for services and communal spaces which are also open to residents of the surrounding areas. New and innovative living solutions especially for the elderly and memory disease patients were essential in the competition. The overall floor area of the new construction will be ca. 45,000 m2.

In the entry of UKI Arkkitehdit, the buildings in the new communal Käräjätörmä village weave into sheltered and verdant blocks around the village street, which breathes old Finnish small-town atmosphere. The principal idea in the habitation is a hybrid solution; none of the blocks or houses are designated for a certain age group or cultural group. Communality is implemented with care as part of the solution in different scales. For those who need support, the entry provides care housing diversely based on communality and synergies between generations. Accessibility is implemented comprehensively as part of all activities in Käräjätörmä, so that all residents can live and lead an active life together, regardless of their mobility or functional ability.