Kauppakeskus VALKEA, As Oy Pajarinkulma

Shopping centre Valkea and housing corporation Oulun Pajarinkulma 2016 Oulu

VALKEA and Pajarinkulma, Oulu

The building complex of shopping centre Valkea includes housing corporation Oulun Pajarinkulma’s tower block, the highest apartment building in the centre of Oulu. The goal in designing the complex has been to create high-quality business, office and residential architecture for the townspeople, as well as a pleasant, safe and easily accessible place with a direct and quick lift connection from residential and business premises to both street level and underground parking facilities.


Constructing a shopping centre and apartment building in the city centre as a complex of two blocks and a pedestrian mall between them is unique in Finland. The complex includes an exceptional 30 metres long and 14 metres high, covered, heated and round-the-clock open pedestrian street. The covered stretch of street creates a new collective living-room in the city centre, Valakia Voorumi in the Oulu dialect, which provides a comfortable setting for various events throughout the year.

The lowest residential floor in the Pajarinkulma apartment building is on the 6th floor, while the topmost 10.-12. floors tower above the other city centre apartments. A considerable number of the Pajarinkulma apartments have a clear view of the sea over the city centre. A sheltered residential yard providing various recreational possibilities is located on the 5th floor terrace level.

The Valkea and Pajarinkulma complex will be the most technically advanced project and an example of ecologically sustainable design.

The buildings utilise geothermal heat from the bedrock, for example, and waste heat from the refrigeration equipment in grocery stores is used for heating. Rooftops have ecological surface materials that purify urban air.

Constructing a shopping centre and apartment building complex in the city centre is unique in Finland.