Rehaparkki Oy 11 295 m² Oulu 2012

Parking facility in Kontinkangas

Rehapark was completed in May 2012 in Kontinkangas, Oulu. The fully accessible parking facility serves the neighbouring Kontinkangas hospital, health and welfare concentration, Rehapolis.

The parking spaces for disabled are located as close to the lifts as possible, and all entrances are accessible and covered.
The functional idea of the parking facility is clear and consistent. The building has a memorable and impressive façade built with slanted and perforated aluminium sheet. The idea for the façade is derived from pivot windows.

Apart from the special structures, the cramped building site and tight schedule made demands on the project, but they were overcome within the schedule and budget. The parties involved have been satisfied with the personal appearance of the building, but the building has also proved practical. The building can be called the finest parking garage in Oulu.

Turnkey contracting worked remarkably well in this project. There were professionals on both sides of the table who wanted to make a good building but quickly and affordably.

Tarvo Tölli, Skanska Talonrakennus Oy