Visitor centre Pro Nemus

Äänekoski 2018 1 035.00 brm² Metsä Group Tietomallihanke Terve talo


Pro Nemus in the bioproduct mill area is Metsä Group’s wooden visitor centre. It welcomes guests as a shape clearly distinctive from the other buildings. The colour, materials, shape and high glass facade emphasise its significance. The load-bearing outer walls, intermediate floors and attic floors are made of glue-laminated wood.

Pro nemus-luonnoksia

The visitor centre tells the story of Metsä Group with memorable and functional experience points, exhibitions and installations. The diverse and interactive centre offers a new way to present Metsä Group’s products, innovations and bioeconomy prospects. Pro Nemus is Latin and means pro forest. The architecture of the visitor centre intertwines around the wood material. The building is like a walk in the forest: sometimes the forest is dense and dark, sometimes thin and full of light. Occasionally there is a clearing in the forest.

The atmosphere in the wooden building is warm and benevolent. Finnish wood is also durable and ages beautifully. It is a traditional, renewing, recyclable and workable local material. Fire safety, weather and moisture protection as well as wood expansion and contraction must be carefully considered in the design, however.