Wetteri car shop

Oulu 2018 3 900.00 brm² Wetteri Oy


Partnership between Wetteri Oy and UKI Arkkitehdit has lasted a long time. The architectural firm has designed several Wetteri car shops in various parts of Northern Finland in the 2000’s. One of the most prominent shops is the Wetteri passenger car centre at Äimäkuja in Oulu.

The commercial building at Äimäkuja 3 was originally built at the end of the 1980’s. At first, Kesko Oy cash-and-carry operated in the building. Later Wetteri renovated the building for its own purposes. Then the building has been extended further and renovated several times. Lastly, the building with its facades, interiors and yards was renovated into a car shop of two distinguished car brands and a stylish part of the Wetteri passenger car centre.

Entry to the area is lined with a ceremonial line of pylons along the curb. The metallic grey facades of the buildings and compact square shape create a neutral background to the bright accent colours and advertisements of different car brands as well as canopies. The brand-specific canopies and portals guide incoming traffic. Also the interior with its large window surfaces and distinct structures has transformed effortlessly and stylishly into a spacious car sales area.