Training, seminars and
excursions keep you up to date

Keeping abreast of the times requires that architects get training from time to time, go to seminars and make excursions, for example. Architect Kimmo Turpeenniemi estimates that that the employees of the firm participated various external training events for a total of eighty days in 2017.

According to Turpeenniemi, some themes stood out in the training. They included regulations and legislation pertaining to construction, new design methods and applications, as well as the latest trends in architectural design.

”Especially the first mentioned has been topical now, because new regulations replace the old building code from the beginning of 2018”, he points out.

There is a huge amount of training available. You have to sort out the most interesting and useful from that offering. However, not all new knowledge has to be sought from outside the own company. Kimmo Turpeenniemi emphasises that the personnel of UKI Arkkitehdit has diverse know-how that is shared between colleagues in various ways, either in dedicated meetings or in the course of everyday work.

Excursions to various places both in Finland and abroad are also important. UKI Arkkitehdit employees participate these kinds of trips regularly.

”The firm’s own excursion will be going to Portugal next summer”, says Kimmo Turpeenniemi.

There are always architectural students working in the company and they also bring fresh know-how and ideas to UKI Arkkitehdit. The benefit is mutual, because working with more experienced architects gives the students more self-confidence in their own design work.