Johanna Kivimäki

Construction Engineer, Jyväskylä

I moved to the UKI Arkkitehdit team in 2022 through a company merger. I have accumulated experience in the construction business from quite various angles, and in future my job role will include data model coordination in addition to various design tasks. 

I have previously worked literally with a hammer in hand, as an indoor air and building inspector and in different new and renovation building design projects. I drew house floor plans already in elementary school, and I have dreamed of working in an architectural firm ever since. I still mention every now and then at home how nice my work is and how great our work community is. 

I spend my free time with my family at the summer cottage and travelling. I may still take up a hammer, but I reset my brains in ice sports and scuba diving. 

Contact information
tel. +358 41 316 2096