Kaisa Kiuttu

Architect, Helsinki

I have worked as architect in residential design as well as in business premise and logistics projects, where I have carried through projects from the drawing board to deployment. My job description has also included data model consolidation. In my current job at UKI Arkkitehdit, I work in a hospital project, where a skilled and professional team solves problems together. 

Apart from interesting projects, wide cooperation was a pull factor that made me seek work at UKI Arkkitehdit. The work community is competent and diverse, and the atmosphere between colleagues in pleasant and sociable. 

To counteract work in my free time, I hike in nature and the city: in winter I ski in the central park and in summer I ride to work on a mountain bike. Sometimes you can find me on a treadmill at a gym. 

Contact information
tel. +358 40 565 5196