Pohjankartano school alliance project

Oulu 2016 14 663.00 brm² Public utility Oulun tilakeskus alliance project

Pohjankartano is a traditional meeting place of education and culture in Oulu, a dignified representative of the concrete architecture of the 1960s. UKI Arkki­tehdit has participated in designing the renovations and modifications of the school in several phases since 2003.

Modifications implemented in different stages have been planned in close cooperation with the user and the client to serve the new needs and to facilitate multipurpose use. The goal has also been to decrease energy and lifecycle costs as well as preserve the value of the building. The design has emphasised sensitivity in preserving the spirit, atmosphere and structural wellbeing of the architecturally significant building. The construction materials and fixtures in the spirit of the time have been specifically considered.

The teaching premises in the B wing renovation project (2016-2017) have been designed as open and modifiable spaces to support grouping, interaction, confidence and creative working methods in view of the new 2016 curriculum. This has required special planning in acoustics and movable partition walls and furniture solutions.

The renovation of the Pohjankartano school B wing is implemented as the first alliance project in Finland. The purpose of the alliance method is to develop and enhance the cooperation and expertise of the project participants as well as to improve the durability of the result. The goal and budget of the alliance are specified jointly for the designer group and contractor, and the whole team has responsibility for achieving them.